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Ak chcete k svojej žiadosti prida? Nilfisk and members of the Nilfisk Group service customers directly and through a global dealer network.

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To attend to your request, we may share your details with assigned Nilfisk dealers in your territory. Please note: We will store your personal data email, phone, name, etc. If you want to access the data we have about you,  please click here  and fill in the form to enable us to identify you and find your data.

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You may at any time withdraw your consent to be contacted by Box option prekyba by  clicking here. If you want to request that we delete your box option prekyba in our systems,  click here.

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Electrical heating is exhaust gas and pollution free. The SH SOLAR E line is equipped a large l heating tank and can be produced in several heating sizes from 18 kW to 54 kW depending upon the temperature requirements and available electrical network.

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Electrical box option prekyba is pollution free. The integrated PLC enables machines to be personalized with a range of factory mounted options. A feeder pump prior to the high pressure pump ensures that the machine can reliably produce a max temp of 85°C, pre-heated in the tank placed before the pump. Thanks box option prekyba the pre-heating tank, hot water is available as soon as the spray gun is activated.

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